Kino/TV įrangos nuoma

Mikserinis pultas SQN 5s. Kaina 80 lt/diena.

A five-input stereo miniature mixer in a tough, compact, aluminium housing. Five channels have XLR electronically-balanced mic/line input, 4-way mic powering, input attenuator, bass-cut switch and rotary fader.

Mikšerinis pultas Sound Devices 442. Kaina 70 lt/diena.

The Sound Devices 442 is a professional 4 input, portable audio mixer designed for mixing audio in film, ENG / EFP, video and broadcast applications. The mixer features 4 balanced 3-pin XLR inputs capable of accepting microphone and line signal (user switchable on every input). The output stage features stereo (L/R) XLR outputs with individually switchable mic, line or -10dB output impedance.

Every input features a dedicated "Direct Output", which is used to distribute audio to external devices. +48V, +12V and +12V-T phantom power is available and is individually switchable on every channel. Each channel features peak limiter and low-cut filter dials as well as volume, gain and pan controls. Channels 1 & 2 can be linked for stereo monitoring or M-S stereo decoding. The unit is powered with 4 - AA alkaline batteries or external 5-18V DC.

Rekorderis Tacsam DR-680. Kaina 50 lt/diena.

Record up to 8 tracks onto widely-available SD/SDHC flash memory cards at rates up to 24-bit/96kHz; Record a stereo track at up to 24-bit/192kHz, as well as up to 4 channels of MP3 audio for web-ready recording; 4 XLR/TRS mic/line combo inputs, along with a pair of 1/4" mic line inputs, each with phantom power, 60dB of gain, a low cut filter, and a limiter; 6 RCA unbalanced outputs; Digital S/PDIF input and output connectors; USB 2.0 connector makes it easy to connect the recorder directly to your computer for file transfer; Cascade function lets you connect a pair of recorders for capturing up to 16 tracks; Onboard mixing features let you mark, divide, and delete files; Pre-record and auto record modes ensure that you never miss a priceless audio moment; Digital monitor mixing with level and pan controls, as well as a recordable stereo mixdown; 1/4" headphone jack and built-in speakers for convenient monitoring and file playback; Backlit LCD shows important operating information; Operates on a set of 8 AA batteries or on AC power for terrific versatility.

Rekorderis Edirol R-4. Kaina 50 lt/diena.

The R-4 brings you a new generation of portable recording. Enjoy superb sound quality. Use the 40GB hard disk drive for extended recording. Record up to four channels at once. Edit waveforms on the recorder itself. All this plus a compact size and light weight that assure outstanding mobility in the field. The Edirol R-4. Gear up for the new generation of portable recording. 4-Channel Recording. 24-bit/96-kHz Resolution. Wave Editing Function.

Mikrofonas Rode NTG-3. Komplektas. Kaina 50 lt/diena.

Kondensatorinis, kryptinis mikrofonas (patranka) Rode NTG3.
Rode BLIMP vėjo apsauga su antišokiniu laikikliu.
Rode Boompole "meškerė" video mikrofonams, ilgis nuo 0.84cm iki 3m.

Radio sistema Sennheiser G2. Kaina 40 lt/diena.

Beviele radio sistema Sennheiser G2. Range-D 786-822 MHz.
Mikrofonas Sennheiser mk2-gold.

4 radio mikrofonų sistema Sennheiser. Kaina 200 lt/diena.

Keturi imtuvai Sennheiser EM 300 g2. Range-D 786-822 MHz.
Keturi siūstuvai Sennheiser SK 300 g2. Range-D 786-822 MHz.
Keturi mikrofonai Sennheiser mk2-gold.
Antenos spliteris su stiprintuvais.
Antenos Sennheiser A1031-U.

Kamera JVC GY-HM750E. Kaina 200 lt/diena.

2 x 32gb SD korteles.
Skaitmeninė vaizdo kamera JVC GY-HM750. Du SDXC/SDHC/SD atminties kortelių lizdai. HD/SD-SDI, FireWire išėjimai. HD vaizdo kokybė. 14 kartų optinis artinimas. NTSC ir PAL rėžimai. 82 mm filtro diametras. Didelis ( 4,3 colių ) ekranas. XLR jungtis (audio įėjimas).

GoPro HERO3 BLACK kamera. Kaina 20 lt/diena.

HERO3: Black Edition Camera
197' / 60m Waterproof Housing
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Assorted Mounting Hardware
USB Charging Cable

Vaizdo montažinė. Kaina sutartinė.

PC: Intel i7 950; 24Gb RAM; 128GB SSD + 3TB HDD; GForce 440 GT; RME HDSP9632; USB.3, FireWire;
Montažinė plokštė: Black Magic Multibridge PRO
Monitorius: JVC 24″ HD DT-V24L1D
Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection.

Kino ir TV įrangos komplektų nuoma

Kamera. Mikšeris. Mikrofonas. 3xRadio sistemos. Kaina 420 lt/diena.

Skaitmeninė vaizdo kamera JVC GY-HM750. Stovas. 2x32GB kortelės.
Mikšerinis pultas Sound Devices 442.
Mikrofonas Rode NTG-3.
3xRadio sistemos Sennheiser.

Mikšeris. Mikrofonas. 3xRadio sistemos. Kaina 220 lt/diena.

Mikšerinis pultas Sound Devices 442.
Mikrofonas Rode NTG-3.
3xRadio sistemos Sennheiser.

Rekorderis. Mikrofonas. 3xRadio sistemos. Kaina 200 lt/diena.

Rekorderis Tacsam DR-680 arba Edirol R-4
Mikrofonas Rode NTG-3.
3xRadio sistemos Sennheiser.